Tuesday, 31 May 2016


Today I read a story, the title was KISS KISS YUCK! YUCK!.The author was Kyle Mew Burn.
 If I was the boy in the story I would always hide before she comes. I rate this book 10/10 Because it was very intrastate.   Some of the word were big because it was made me  say kiss kiss louder witch I enjoyed.
This story was a good book to read about  


I got all of my test right on Rachel test

This is my test I have made it in testmoz I would like if you can try it out

Monday, 30 May 2016


Today I have done study ladder I done Diwali It is when India has a festival if you want to now more you can look it up on Internet. I was practising information report 

Friday, 27 May 2016

information report on tigers

Information Report on Tigers
Image result for Pictures on tigers

Title:  Tigers

Opening Statement: tiger are in the cat family. Tigers are cats. Tigers are the biggest cat.

Appearance (Looks): Tigers are Fluffy.
Black eyes. Sharp teeth.They are orange and black.Tigers are good hunters.

Diet (Food):Meat , water , milk

Habitat (Live):They live in Africa , Auckland , india or a  zoo.

Interesting Facts:Like its ancestor, the sabre-tooth cat, the tiger relies heavily on its powerful teeth for survival. If it loses its canines (tearing teeth) through injury or old age, it can no longer kill and is likely to starve to death.
I found this on this site  It will be highlighted  black

Conclusion:Tigers are Like domestic cats, all tigers can purr. Unlike their tame relatives, however, which can purr as they breathe both in and out, tigers purr only as they breathe out.

Monday, 23 May 2016

study ladder

Today I done study ladder on Taj Mahal  I got 10 out of 10.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Kyle MewBurn

3 weeks ago on Monday Kyle MewBurn came to our school we learnt about what about his school and we saw some of his books.

take away

Today i done my take away with the beans i had to finger out what one went missing and do it on goggle drawings

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Information Report - Wolf

Orange eyes
Black nose
Fur it's brown and white and grey
Haves sharp teeth
And sharp jaws  
What they eat

Eat other animals
Where they live

Live in the woods
They live in thick forest and they come out at night
They are spread out in the world
Interesting Facts

They are large number of dogs family
Wolfs are 5ft in length and 3ft tall
Can travel 200 km in 24 hours
Their  thick fur helps them to survive the hot weather

Topic: Wolf
General Information
Interesting facts


Thursday, 5 May 2016


Today I done Xtramaths I got all of them right but the last one i got wrong. I learnt my basic facts

Team Work

Today LS1 learnt how to trust and collaborate with others in our class. 
We did an activity with Mrs Anderson and Mr Wong. The activity was called sitting circle we had to stand up  making a circle with our hands on each others shoulders. Mrs Anderson said go and then we all drop on each others knees. Some people were struggling and some people weren't. I struggled a bit holding the person in front of me bottom but I managed to hold it.

free rice

Today I done free rice on times tabel it got harder so i got it wrong and i only got my + and takeaways.


Today I done my additions on tramsum and I got them all right

Tuesday, 3 May 2016


We read a story called Tu Its about a dog but not the dog images


LI: making prediction modifying  prediction.

I think the story will be about a dog and the dog ate all the garden and the mum gets angry and she says the dog had to go so the boy got really sad and the dog must of been his best friend.

My  prediction is right.

So they dropped him off at the pound  and the dog must of been sad to leave home.The dog must have a problem. They have not been in new Zealand for that long cause they might be Maori.

I was right.

I think the dog took the book off the girl when mum was not looking so he was being and.

I was right

When the boys came out of school mum had the dog tu and the boy was happy. And the dog understand Maori. And the dog went to the garden and laid on the on the garden.

I got it it right   

Number Stones

Today we did Number Stones with Rachel,Riley,Fui. and Me. Riley Had three counters and Fui got 2 counters and Rachel got two counters I had to be the caller. And we were learning to do afters and before to 1000.We had to answer  after and before question.If we trapped the person Riley traped the most so she won.