Friday, 25 November 2016

Rocket parts

Today I have done my work on rocket parts and some facts.ENJOY


Text title: Blast from the past
Author:David Hill
I think the main idea of this text is :It is talking about how rockets are used for.
One example of a supporting detail is :That when it go and blast it is like you are shooting an arrow.
Another example of a supporting detail is :Is that they want the reader to understand how rockets work.

LI:to identify features of an information reportLI: to infer information in a text

Today I have done my reading.

Information report

LI:To understand the purpose of an information report.
Today I have done an information report on Vahoi.

Friday, 18 November 2016


I done maths today.

Key words summary

Text: Manu Tukutuku  

Read the text and record key words/phrases that answer these questions:

Who? Tohunga
Tane Mahuta, Haumia tiketike

What? Manu Tukutuku and Manu Aute


Manu aute or pikau

Why? Tikanga, Karakia

How? Competitions, Foretell the Future, Hang Gliders

LI:To identify features of an explanation text to summaries the information in a text.

blog commenting

Today I have done 2 comments on magenta blog and fui.


Today I have dome my maths I was doing curves I had to mere them with my partner Chavda


LI:To construct an explanation text.
Today I have done a slide on two things

Friday, 11 November 2016


Today I have done my time tables. ENJOY MY POST!!!!!!!

how do planes fly

Text title: how do planes fly
Author:DR Hany Farid, Dartmouth College
I think the main idea of this text is is how it flys
One example of a supporting detail is flying
Another example of a supporting detail is how it flys and flows
It is clear that the main idea is Using lift,weight thrust and drag

Because they are the important things of the airplane.

Today I have done my reading. it is about how do planes fly. ENJOY MY POST


today I done my maths.

Amelia Earhart

Today I have study about Amelia Earhart with Magenta we were finding some facts and putting it on here and putting photo. ENJOY my post

Explanation v.s. Information Report

LI:To understand the purpose of an explanation to identify structure and language features of an explanation text.
Today I have done my writing I have done a Venn diagram about the 2 story 1 is bees and the other one is dragon fly. enjoy my post

Friday, 4 November 2016

maths problems to 15

LI: to solve ratio problems using times tables.

today I have done my maths problems.

Flying free

LI: to use QAR to help answer comprehensions questions. To infer\summarize information from a narrative.

Today I have done my questions on flying free the book I have righted some questions on flying free.enjoy

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Countries that Migrate

Today I have done my Inquiry the first slide is about person migrations and the two other ones are Chinese and Malaysian.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016


Today I done my can do for maths 

what would be the the worst thing if a basket ball had magic powers

what would be the the worst thing if a basket ball had magic powers

Once their was a basket ball that got shot by a god.but the ball fell fast though the sky and  went straight through a shed.A girl heard a loud sound and ran to the backyard.she saw a funny looking basket ball and she went closer the ball was bouncing and electret a fence and it got caught on fire. The girl ran inside and got a bucket in the garage and got water and ran outside but the ball was using water to make it not be on fire. The girl went close to the ball again and grabbed the ball for her basketball game she put it in her bag and biked to the the basketball and she ran in and gave the ball to the coach but what she didn't know it was bad to. The girl was waiting then they had to go and play the coach gave the ball to the referee the referee threw the ball up and I grabbed it I was bouncing the ball but then the ball bounce up by itself and it flew up and shot a fireball in the stadium then it got caught on fire then the ball flew away then I saw people getting stuck I saw my friend stuck so I ran to her she said for me to leave but I quickly dragged her out more people were in their. I was looking at them but I saw the basketball on the floor I ran and grabbed it and I told it to turn it back please then the ball looked at everybody then he thought and changed every think back to normal after that every body thanked me but the ball was sad so I took it home and I left it somewhere safe then I went mornig It was hollowen I grabed my bag and went to go look for a  outfit . I saw the perfect one in the stores it was a basketball player I went in the store the basketball suit was only 6$ so I looked in my wallet for my savings I had 20$ from earning it by doing my chores. So I got the basketball suit and said to the man here is the money then I went out of the store and said this suit is awesome with excitement. Then I put the suit in my bag and ran to school. I saw my friend I ran to her and said what costume you have she said  DJ nana I said cool then we went class after class I asked her if she wanted to come trick or treating with me she said sure then I ran home and got dressed then I grabbed my basket ball. Then I grabbed my loot bag and went to my friends house and picked her up and we walked around the street me and her had a load of candy then i dropped her off and I ran home but then I saw my magic ball using its powers it made the sky icy then I ran in my house and ran to the ball and ran to it and told it to stop then it refused and pushed me away then I told it to change it back then it looked at me and changed it back then after that I went to my room and put the ball somewhere nobody could find then I put my candy away then went sleep.

LI: to edit narrative work using TEE and OCS structure

today I have edited my narrative I have added and changed my words and have done a story if you see my other story its more shorty and some mistakes so I changed this one and made it more better. Enjoy!!