Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Monday, 23 November 2015


 I got 2 smile faces 2. 3 wrong . 2 run out of time . 8 rigth  

Monday, 16 November 2015


 my xtramaths I can do my + and do good on maths .

Friday, 13 November 2015


I love how you doing a dance of being young
from vahoi  room 7 panmuer

I like It when you do then friend time
from vahoi room 7 panmuer

Is that a real dionsor

from vahoi panmuer room 7 

good talking about good stuff 

from vahoi room 7 Im 8 panmuer

The chopstick challenge photo story

The chopstick challenge

chopstick challenge

Today room 7 was doing  an exciting chopstick challenge. We had to write an experiment first guessing whether we would be able to carry the sweet for one metre to the bowl on the other side of the table. Then we went on the mat to see what we had to do. Then me, Taani and Avalon  had to go to rainbow reading. We had to miss out on the first round.
We had to wait for Miss Paton to say go then Miss Patone said go. Sanujin went. It was hard then he  got it in then I went. It was difficult then I got it in. Then Chavda then Sanjin then it was my turn.  I dropped  it. I had to put a sticker on where I dropped it.  Then Chavda went. She got it. Then we finished. We came first. Then we did the pebble. I went first I got it in. Then Sanjin he got it in. Then Chavda she got it in. Then the bell rang we had morning tea. After that session it was lunch then we  came second then we finish. Then we done 42 pebbles in each bowl I was in group 1. And my brother  was in group 2 then we started it only 3 people went in our group it was Jacob , Sky, Caesar and but we lost against team 2 got seven and we got two but we didn't say you dumb we said good try to the person who didn't get it in. I felt happy.Because I got to do something fun and super.         


Thursday, 12 November 2015


Hi it vahoi It really funny if I was in that video.

from vahoi room 7 Hi it vahoi I love the song were you find it 

room 7 from vahoi


Hi it looks like it very good talking about the news but how do you do it 


Hi room 9 your movie is the best. When did you make it?. Who the mummy

from vahoi room Hi I like how you talk about books. how did you do that ?.

from vahoi room 7

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

the chopstick challenge

This graft shows how the starting ball is and the sweets droop and we carry the sweets to the other bowl and we used chopsticks and closes to the bowl and sky was the feeders away. the rest of the class  did`t drop it . the wine droops were the easy to go to the bowl  the peoples were hard to carry to the bowl ?.

Monday, 9 November 2015


 0n my xtramaths I got 2 x. 3 smile face 13 right.