Monday, 15 May 2017

The dog and the three cats

   The dog and the three cats
once upon a time there was three cats they lived in a magic forest and had a big house full with 3 beds 3 chairs 3 bowls and they loved to make steak and go on picnics with friends and family and the most thing they loved was going to the magic park the park was in the forest one day they decided to cook some steak but it was still hot mama cat said baby cat and dad cat we are going to go to the park and wait till our steak cules down. Baby cat and dad cat said yes that would be lovely so the set off to go to the park. Then a dog came up to the house he she was lost the dog looked around and then she found a house it was big she saw that the door was open she smelt something very yummy coming from the house she peaked and said hello anyone here no one was there but she did not want to enter but she felt hungry and tired so she went inside and looked around she saw three plates with steak on it she tried the first one and she JUMPED UP !! that is too hot said the dog she tried the next one eww that one is too cold that is not nice to taste. Then she said this one better be nice cause i am so hungry so she tried baby cats one mmmmm that is just right i luv it then she ate it all up after that she need to have a nice sit down she looked around there some chairs she tried daddy's chair it was to hard then she tried mamas chair it was too soft the she tried baby cats chair it was just right then CRACK the chair wiggled and then one of the legs break and then she says OH NO i have to fix this she looks around and then she tries to fix the chair and she could not she felt very bad from breaking the chair and after doing all that stuff made her tired she saw a room and looked in it. It had three bed and she looked at all of them and said YAY i can have nap she tried daddy’s bed but it was too high up she tried mamas bed it was to soft and she was sinking in it then she tried babies bed and it was so comfortable she falled asleep then the 3 cats came back home and saw that someone has ate their steak and baby cat said SOMEONE ate my steak ๐Ÿ˜ฟ. Then they saw someone was sitting on there chair but baby cat said THEY broke my chair said baby cat in anger ๐Ÿ˜พ. Then they went to there cat beds and said someone is has slept in my bed and baby cat said someone IS IN MY BED then the dog woke up and said oh my u woke me up they looked at her she said sorry for what I have done could i help use with any thing they said well we did leave the door open so ya you can help there is glue in the draw can u please go get it said mama cat after they finish fixing the chair the dog said i'm very sorry but i have not eaten in days and I have no home then i approached your house and i smelt something really nice and no one was there an the door was open so i went in and tried the steak i did not mean to do that. It's ok said the family of cats we could use some friends you can live in our spare room said the family of cats the dog was so happy ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ•. Then the past years the dog and cat family were always together but one day something really amazing happened she had two puppies she named one of them emily cause one was a girl and one was a boy and the boy was named james she loved the puppies they stayed in her room and the three cats said your puppies are cute said mama cat but baby cat was not a baby any more it was a teenager that moved into a new house sometimes liam the cat visits them. After a couple of years the dog died her kids were so sad but the dogs moved out it was the boy one and then the girl one emily stayed with the cats  and grew up with them. I hope you enjoyed my story i remade in my words.        

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